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7 yard or builder's skips are large skips traditionally used for industry. Builder's skips are capable of carrying very heavy loads. Ideal for heavy industrial work including construction, partial demolition and large office clearance. All skips provided by W Peck (Haulage) Ltd are available for long term hire.

There is no such thing as a 'catch-all' skip which will be appropriate for all clearance operations. As well as offering the range of skips detailed here, we provide skip bags. Skip bags are highly durable 1yd waste bags with handles for lifting. They are a good alternative to regular skip hire and can be collected from our yard or posted.

Mini skips

3 yard or Mini skips are small, easy to fit into a modest space and ideal for smaller projects including garden clearance and small office refurbishment projects.  Mini skips are an excellent choice for one-off clearances. Call us for more information.

10 yard skips

10 yard skips are larger in volume than our other skips and are ideal for house and office clearance, or any other job which requires the removal of mixed waste. However, 10 yard skips are not appropriate for heavy waste as the volume would make them too heavy to remove.

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